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6 Awesome Ideas for a Travel Themed Staycation

We're all feeling the wanderlust nagging at us. Instead of getting away on travel adventures, we're all stuck at home for who knows how long- such a bummer! However, that doesn't mean that a fun holiday weekly is completely off the table.

What do we mean, you ask? We're talking about creating elaborate Staycations for yourself or for you and your family [whoever you've been quarantined with]. We've come up with 6 awesome and inexpensive ways to "travel" from home - Staycation style. You're welcome!

Now remember, the goal is to get creative. Take these suggestions and build on them, be sure to include your own personal ideas and tie in your travel interests. In true "tourist" form, take pictures and capture these fun Staycation memories to later share with family and friends!

1. In-Home Resort and Spa

You and your partner can take turns indulging in this in-home retreat idea, especially if there are kids in the home so that the person indulging can fully immerse themselves.

Imagine one of those super ritzy hotel spas, and recreate that in your home! If there aren't kids in the home have one person be "the giver" of the spa (i.e. the massage therapist, aesthetician, chef, etc), but it is possible to take turns or do this in teams if you have older aged kids.

Start with sleeping in - as with every relaxing afternoon, it requires a slow start. This obviously means ordering room service for breakfast and sporting a bathrobe while you enjoy it.

Move on to some light meditation and a YouTube video for yoga before heading into the "spa" for a massage [if you're able to designate someone as such]. When you're finished there, it's time to soak in the bathtub. Draw a luxurious bubble bath with flower petals, salts, scented candles, soft music, a face mask, and a sugar scrub.

For meals, stick to wholesome foods like fresh fruit for breakfast, wraps and salads for lunch, cucumber water throughout the day, and a candlelit dinner presented and ready by [either you,] or the designated "chef."

2. Travel Planning

Write up some travel bucket list destinations, then narrow it down to your top three must-see and must-do destinations. Pinterest is excellent for this, create "boards" for each of your three destinations and start saving all kinds of awesome things to do while you're there!

Then get in touch with Diamond Family Travel to make all your actual travel arrangements from flights, hotels, excursions, and everything in between. Make sure you share your Pinterest boards so your travel specialist gets everything on your list!

3. Foreign Language Immersion

Use your Staycation time to cross the threshold into conversational in that speech you've been meaning to learn.

If you're brand new to the language, start by downloading Duolingo and powering through the basics. What's great about this app is that you can listen to lessons as you exercise or watch the kids play outside.

Challenge yourself to just speaking in the language you're studying for an entire day. In the event that you get stuck, lean on Google translate for assistance. Try to find some movies to watch in your language, or turn the foreign subtitles on while you watch your favorite show and follow along that way.

4. Cultural Theme Day

Choose a foreign country and study up all about it and the native culture. Start the at-home adventure by exploring the culture, food, and history.

You can even go so far as to decorating a space in your home to resemble your desired destination, even though it's totally cheesy. Or dress how you would if you were visiting in person, whether that's beachwear to the Greek Islands or a wool sweater to the Himalayas.

Find music to play from that region and few recipes that match your skill set and immerse yourself with the sounds and tastes of that country but cooking a popular local dish while listening to music from the region. Maybe follow up the evening by reading a book that's set in your country of choice or watching foreign films from area.

Want some ideas? Create a Hawaiian luau at the backyard complete with hula dance classes, shaved ice lemon beverages, and ukelele songs from YouTube. Throw an English tea party - wear hats, bake scones, and marathon through a few episodes of "The Crown." For Mexico, read about the Mayan civilization, cook enchiladas, and dance to mariachi music on the terrace. Make pasta noodles from scratch, sculpt play dough, or paint a canvas, and watch"Roman Holiday" for Italian vibes.

5. Film Festival

Make your TV watching time count by turning it up a notch and creating your very own at-home film festival. Let everyone in your quarantine circle pick their favorite movie classic, or stick to a fun theme like 1996 Oscar nominations, films set in Paris, cheesy rom-coms, movies starring Tom Hanks - you get the idea.

You can certainly do this lots of different ways. Make it slumber party sesh with pillows, popcorn, and cozy PJs. Set up your outdoor space like a"drive-in" with burgers and blankets in the backyard. Go Hollywood and glam up to present on the red carpet. Or, if you're binging a movie collection, you could even dress as your favorite characters.

6. Backyard Beach Vacation

Start with creating the setting - grab an oversized towel or lawn chair to bask on under the sun. If you don't have a pool, then order an inflatable splash pool, throw in some oversize floats just to make it extra ridiculous, slather on the sunscreen, bump some jams on your bluetooth speaker, and chill out poolside with your favorite beverage or fancy mocktail.

You'll want to stay outside for as long as possible, so pack a cooler with sandwiches, extra beverages, and fresh fruit. For dinner, throw on a sundresses and have your favorite restaurant deliver some seafood or tacos to your at-home "beachy restaurant."

As always, when you're ready to leave the homestead for a real adventure, let us know! We'll make sure it's everything you've dreamed of and more.

Until then, comment below with some of your own creative Staycation ideas! We'd love to hear from you!!

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