Welcome to our World!

With constant changes to protocols and mandates, I have made the difficult decision to close my business until things around the world improve.

One of my choices for my business model was to not charge fees for my services, which means in order for me to be paid, the trips I book must be completed beforehand, and am typically paid 30 days after the traveler returns. With so many cancellations due to mandates, protocols, and fear itself, a majority of my time lately has been cancelling vacations that planning has consumed a lot of my time, that I will never be paid for.

I have such a passion for travel, but with all that has happened, I no longer find this to be a suitable business for me and the liability is too high for a small, family owned business.

I appreciate all the support I've had and have enjoyed working with all of you, and one day, I hope I will be able to get back to what I love! In the meantime, I would be happy to recommend another reputable agent to assist with your needs. 

The next time you travel,

what will you become?

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