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9 Ways to Travel on an Airplane in Comfort and Style

With many years of traveling under our belts, we have learned how to not only tolerate a long flight, but even make it enjoyable.

Here are 9 tips and tricks from us to you, to make sure your flights are nothing but smooth sailing.

1. Establish Travel Goals

Create a "must-do" list for your destination: foodie spots, tourist attractions, previous traveler recommendations. Make a plan of what day you think will be best to do each of the things on your list and if you pay for the in-flight wifi, research best times, how to get there, and more.

If research isn't your thing, Diamond Family Travel can take this must-do list and put it into action for you with a well thought out itinerary.

2. Stretch Early and Often

We find that it is much more socially acceptable to be walking the airplane aisles on a long haul flight then a quick domestic one. Make sure to take full advantage of that. Plus, it’s important for your body to get up and move around and keep your circulation flowing.

3. Catch Up on Movies You Have Missed

Pretty much all long haul flights nowadays have a massive selection of the latest movies. Scroll through all of the choices right away and make a mental list of the movies you are most interested in. Take a bathroom break, get a snack, and then get settled in for your movie choice.

4. Fix Your Clocks

Adjust your clocks to the time zone of your destination. Eat meals and sleep when you would while at your next locale. It will help you acclimate to the new time zone much more quickly.

5. Journal Your Memories

If your long flight is a returning one try journaling about your travel experience. Scroll through all of the photos you took on your trip and write down any moments, stories, or encounters that you don't want to forget.

6. Pack an Electronics Organizer

Electronic organizers make it effortless to get what you need even while on a long haul flight and keeps your carry-on free of unruly cords. The organization is so worth it.

7. Bring a Water Bottle (and Actually Use It)

Staying hydrated is so important. It’s believed to help reduce the effects of jet lag. You can find collapsible reusable water bottles on Amazon that are easily tossed into a carry-on or a day pack.

8. Pack a mini toiletry bag

Put things in there that will help you freshen up. We like to include eye drops, hand lotion, baby wipes, chapstick, face wash, deodorant, and a toothbrush. These small little things can go a long way in making you feel more refreshed and comfortable.

9. Wire-free Headphones

It’s so nice to not have any wires when using your headphones, you can easily move around, eat, and recline. They even make noise-canceling ones now - so drowned out the sounds of the crying babies and snoring sleepyheads around you and enjoy your jams, podcasts, or movie.

Our main goal is to use the uninterrupted time well. We hope that some of our suggestions help turn a potentially dreaded long haul flight into an enjoyable one. And, as always, where ever you're headed, be sure to consult with your travel agent to help get those long haul flights booked, hotels reserved, and adventure excursions planned!

Happy travels!

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