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The Adventure

Don't see what you're looking for? Try our custom built option below.

Check out some of our fully immersive cultural experience  packages! Keep in mind that these are examples of excursions we've booked for other adventurers. The price isn't shown here because custom packages come at a custom price - all of which are tailored to fit your preferences and expectations. 

Image by vernon jones

Italian Coast:

7 days to Tour the Amalfi Coast:

Local living on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast of Italy  with home cooked Italian meals, and mozzarella and limoncello cooking courses.

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Image by Michel Paz


Jungle Living in The Amazon Rainforest:
Leaving from Quito, you’ll travel to your new home in the jungle and meet the Quichua family who will host you in their village. Discover waterfalls on jungle walks and travel to an animal rescue by canoe. Learn about medicinal plants and experience a shaman ceremony,

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Image by Jason Hillier


Churchill, Canada - Polar Bear Safari

Polar bear adventure offers a cultural immersion into an Arctic way of life, with a chance to view the bears in October and November as they migrate from summer to winter hunting grounds in Manitoba.

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Image by Andrea Leopardi


The ancient city of Petra, Jordan:

This stunning city is carved from pink stone and reveals itself dramatically. Enter through a twisty mile-long gorge called the Siq, and round a corner to see the famed Treasury Building. Anybody who has an Indiana Jones spirit will be moved by the Petra experience. 

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