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5 Amazing Road Trip Destinations you Have to See Right Away!

If you're not able to fly this summer due to the Coronavirus, don't let that stand in the way of your travel plans! There are ways to adventure and still stay safe and be socially responsible - consider busting out the old paper map, getting in your car, and taking the best road trip ever!

Ok, ok, maybe the old paper map suggestion was a bit much, but we just love the idea of rolling back the hands of time and traveling in ways that didn't require a ton of money or even modern technology [but don't worry, we won't adventure-shame you for using Google Maps].

With gas prices at all time lows, the ability to avoid eating out at restaurants by packing an ice chest full of beverages and snacks, and even the possibility of skipping the hotel costs for those with giant SUVs or RVs that can sleep in your ride - honestly, what's stopping ya?

Check out our top five spots to consider crossing off your bucket list this summer:

1. Historic Route 66

Among the most famous of them all - if not the most famous road trip is that of Route 66. A ridiculously long route that spans across 8 states in the US. Built during the Great Depression, it is America's first transcontinental highway running from Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.

This road trip tells the traditional story of the American Dream. There are so many cool things to see along the way, including the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, meteor crater in Winslow, Arizona, and Henry's Rabbit Ranch in Staunton, Illinois. And yes, it is absolutely worth taking a bit of a detour to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

2. The Dry Tortugas - (Monroe County, Florida)

The Dry Tortugas are a little group of islands perfectly positioned on the southern coast of Florida (basically at the end of the Florida Keys). This area is known for its abruptly scattered islands that seem to sprout up randomly from the water. These islands are ever changing, while some can barely keep their heads above the water, others are as large as 65 acres, and some have disappeared all together.

A popular trip would be to Garden Key, which is where Fort Jefferson is (pictured above), in addition to quite a scenic inactive lighthouse. This is one of the most interesting places to go in Florida for families that love a mixture of nature and history. Most visitors come by catamaran, seaplane, or an old ferry from Key West.

3. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Sitting on the waters of Lake Huron, Mackinac Island is a quiet, scenic getaway in today's hectic world. Hotels and refined inns are suspended in time, exuding the old days' polished charm. Automobiles are only meant to be seen, which will give the family a chance to get some fresh air while on foot from Italian houses, to higher end barbecue joints, and everywhere in between.

Military history is present, so a day of exploration is a great option (depending on what is open and capacity). But any scenic tour, whether by kayak, foot, or paddle board allows visitors to spot wildlife, gaze upon magnificent rock formations, caves, and lighthouses.

4. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)

A Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) road trip excursion is among the BEST road trips you will ever take in the US, not to mention a great way to explore the California coast. Some people bypass the northern part (which we wouldn't recommend, NorCal is incredible) and some choose to begin the trip in San Francisco - but the actual State Route 1 begins in Leggett, California from the North and takes you all the way South into Dana Point, California with so many amazing places to stop along the way, like Monterey, Carmel Valley, and Santa Cruz.

5. Keystone, South Dakota

We get that this one seems a little cliche, but unless you've seen this bad boy in person, no photo could ever do it justice! Located within the natural scenery of the Black Hills, Keystone is home to one of the country's greatest landmarks - Mount Rushmore.

And with Rapid City in the surrounding area, there's an abundance of hotels and super fun things to do. Zip-line through the woods, embark on a four-hour gold mining exploration, or adventure into caves and fly down a gravity-driven rollercoaster in Rush Mountain Adventure Park. Of course, there may be restrictions for some of the more touristy excursions, but what you miss in zip-lines, you'll make up for in nature trails!

For more ideas on places to go and things to do, visit "See the States" on our website! Maybe you drive a compact car and can't imagine squeezing your family in there for days on end - no problem, RV rentals are having amazing deals right now. Or maybe you're not one for driving at all, we have packages for train trips too!

If you want to see more of this gorgeous country we call home and are itching to plan an adventure, you've come to the right place! Get it touch with us today!

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