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10 Reasons to Leave the Travel Internet Searches to an Actual Travel Specialist [aka Travel Agent]

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

In a world where travelers are spending hundreds of hours organizing and planning their hard earned vacations, why not just hire a travel specialists to do that work for you? They're knowledgable, can get you amazing deals, they don't charge extra, and can completely customize your trip to exceed your expectations - so why not adopt Diamond Family Travel's philosophy: "research less, relax more."

Today, travel agents make up for roughly one third of the revenue in the travel industry, all while not charging you, the client, for the work they do to create your dream vacation.

This article will detail 10 reasons why you should stop spending endless hours surfing the internet and doing price comparisons, and instead use a travel agent to do what they're certified specialists in and pass all the heavy lifting onto them.

1. Travel Agents Know if You're Actually Getting a Good Deal

Because the industry specialist travel agents book so many flights, cruises, and excursions per day, they know not or whether that ticket to London, Sydney, or New York are what you should be paying, or if that cruise to Mexico, or through Europe is truly a great deal. Travel agents are incentivized to get you the best deal on every aspect of your trip, so let them!

2. Travel Agents Know Exactly Where To Go in Every Town, [or have resources to someone who does]

Globally, travel agents have insider knowledge and connections to locals that give tours, can recommend restaurants, festivals, and hot spots in town. If you're booking a cruise, all-inclusive or a package tour, then the travel agent will connect with partnering hotels and excursions companies, but for those going to less touristy areas, a good travel specialist will have all the insider scoop to give you a true cultural immersion experience.

3. Travel Agents Take-on Flight Delays and Cancellations For You

Travel agents have great relationships with all the airlines companies and if your flight becomes delayed or cancelled, all you have to do is call your travel agent. While they troubleshoot and sort out the flight issues quickly and efficiently for you, you can just sit back and relax. No more haggling with customer service or standing in long lines just to beg for hotel and food vouchers - you're welcome!

4. If You're Traveling in a Group, Travel Agents can Book All Your Seats Together, On The Same Flight, and For The Same Price

While doing the research yourself, you might run into difficulties organizing everyone's tickets with the same cost per person or even manage to get seats all together. Your travel agent will have much better chances of getting your entire group the same ticket price, on exactly the flight, with seats next to one another.

5. Travel Agents Can Get You Upgrades, VIP Tours, or Exclusive Dinner Reservations

Consider trying to get an upgrade at a hotel or fancy dinner reservations at a restaurant you have always wanted to dine on your own - seem impossible? It won't be easy, that's for sure - unless you book with a travel agent who has the best connections in the industry to get you all the amenities you could ask for!

6. You Get to Carry on With your Daily Life while Your Travel Agent Spends Hours and Hours Researching Your Trip For You

Allow your travel agent do the research, book the hotel, find the best flights, and even add some personal preference flairs like horseback riding or taking a local cooking class - it's is their job and they're certified specialists. And because they're travel specialists, it won't take them nearly as long to research and organize the trip for you, as it would if you tried doing it yourself.

7. Travel Agents Get Better Deals, First

Travel agents have excellent connections with every travel provider from cruise lines to airlines companies and everyone in between - and because the prices are negotiated ahead of time as to maintain the travel agent's business, they will be able to get the best possible deals for you.

8. Travel Agents Do More Than Reserve Flights

Travel agencies do much more than just book flights. They can book hotels, tours, travel insurance and even transportation to and from the airport. As mentioned before they are a wealth of travel information and resources, all of which should be fully utilized.

9. They Can Get you Extra Amenities at Hundreds of Hotels Across the World

Do you love having access to an early check it? Or prefer to sleep in and check out late after a long trip? What about upgraded room reservations or breakfast included? A good travel agent will be able to pull some strings to make sure your hotel experience goes exactly the way you'd want it to.

10. Travel Agents Offer Assistance Even While You're Traveling

If you run into a snag while on your trip, lost luggage, no ride from the airport, hoping to book last minute excursions, your travel agent can help you with all of that. If you need help with something while you're on your trip, you should have access to your travel agent for them to assist you.

If you're looking for package vacations at a great price or custom built experiences with cultural influence, reach out to our expert travel specialists at Diamond Family Travel - click here for more information!

Happy travels!

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